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Amy Ray

Indigo Girl and Daemon Records founder Amy Ray talks about her hands-on approach to running a label, along with her current listening and reading list, favorite movies, and comments from Daemon artists. (8 hi-res pages from Performing Songwriter Issue 66, December 2002)

Hi-Res PDF Price: $0.99

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Amy is also featured in:

Indigo Girls Interview – 2 pages:

Hi-Res PDF Price: $0.49

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Issue 66, December 2002 – (The Amy Ray PDF is from this issue)

Price: $8.00

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Issue 31, July/August 1998 – 80 pgs; 8 pg. IG Interview

Price: $15.00

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Issue 5, March/April 1994 – RARE 76 pgs; 8 pg. IG Interview

Price (RARE – Only 4 copies left): $80.00

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