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Studio Roundup

Each year Performing Songwriter asked artists to tell us their favorite professional recording studios in different cities for $100/hour or less. Each of them offer a style and special amenities that might entice you there for your next project!

Roundup 1 takes you to Atlanta’s Tree Sound; Burbank’s Mad Dog Studios; Memphis Soundworks; Newburyport, Massachusett’s Thomas Eaton Recording; Omaha’s Rainbow Recording Studio; Rockville, Maryland’s Omega Studios; Sanger Texas’ Indian Trail; Seattle’s Ironwood; Toronto’s Revsound; and Vancouver’s SOS Studios. (From Sept/Oct 2004, Issue 80, 5 pages)

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Roundup 2 introduces Englewood, NJ’s Bennett Studios; Indianapolis’ The Lodge; New Orleans’ Ultrasonic; Nashville’s Compass Sound; Brattleboro, Vt.’s Soundesign; Santa Monica’s 4th Street Recording; Durham NC’s Overdub Lane; Eugene, Ore.’s Gung Ho Studio; Ottawa’s Distortion Studios, and Dallas’ Luminous Sound. (From Sept/Oct 2005, Issue 88, 4 pages)

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Roundup 3 features Atlanta’s Stonehenge Recording; Santa Monica’s 4th Street Recording; Brooklyn’s Atomic Recording; Kenner, La.’s Festival Recording; Tucson’s Wavelab Studio; Boston’s Sanctum Sound; San Francisco’s SF Soundworks; Denver’s Colorado Sound Studios; Houston’s Sugarhill Studios; and Franklin, Tn.’s Castle Recording Studios. (From Nov 2006, Issue 97, 4 pages)

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Roundup 4 is a special look at Indie Artists top studio picks. They include Josh Ritter and Great North Sound Society in Parsonsfield, Me; Over The Rhine and Alex the Great Studio in Nashville, Tn.; Sunset Rubdown and Breakglass Studios in Montreal; Warm in the Wake and Vintage Vibe Productions of Alpharetta, Ga.; Okkervil River and Wonder Chamber, Wire Recording, and Public Hi-Fi all located in Austin, Tx.; and Nina Nastasia and Jim White at Electrical Audio in Chicago. (From Sept/Oct 2007, Issue 104, 5 pages)

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