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Opening Up To Creativity With Beth Nielsen Chapman

February 18-20, 2016 • Nashville, TN

Limited to 20 Students


Please email Lydia Hutchinson if you’d like to be added to the cancellation list.



Because of the intimacy of the class size this will be a powerful opportunity for each person to dive deep and resurface creatively inspired with new tools and clarity. Discover the path within you to the center of your own wellspring of ideas and then learn to stay present in the “what now?” as we explore all the aspects of the writing process maximized by coming into balance between critical thinking and the creative flow.

We will also be spending some time working with the voice and performance. The greatest singing comes from making a sound from the center of the note and a place of least effort. Whether you’re making records and touring or just trying to sing well for your demos, delivering the lyric and melody of the song is clearly important. Find out how to stay centered in your voice’s ‘sweet spot’ and watch your vocal range open up! Using quick tools and a few tricks Beth has developed, she has seen most students find the center of their voice very quickly, greatly increasing their stamina and improving their tone.

[Photos by John Mulder]

Each morning of this three-day workshop will start with breakfast together at the Scarritt Bennett dining hall, and then Beth will begin the class where she’ll inspire you with stories behind her songs, creative exercises, songwriting tips, and open you up to new approaches to your creativity. In the afternoons we’ll get down to the business of writing and working on your songs. You’ll be able to share whatever you’re working on—even if it’s just lyrics—and as a group we’ll offer feedback and support. You will also have an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with Beth to work on your song. And we have some BIG surprises lined up!

JamesHouseSpecial Guest Teacher: James House

James House has sung radio hits, written successful songs for others, built a studio and been a session musician and a record producer. His big, versatile, emotive singing voice gained him a pop recording contract in Los Angeles. But in 1988 his music publisher urged him to turn his attention back to country music, so James moved to Nashville and by the following year he was an MCA Records artist and on the country charts with singles such as “Hard Times for an Honest Man,” followed by Diamond Rio having a huge hit with his“In a Week or Two” and Dwight Yoakam scored with his “Ain’t That Lonely Yet.” (Grammy nominated for Country Song of the year). Martina McBride took his “A Broken Wing” to No. 1 on the country hit parade in 1998 where is was also nominated for CMA song of the year. Since then, James House’s songs have been recorded by country stars such as Lorrie Morgan, Sara Evans, David Ball and Craig as well as by the pop/rock artists Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Olivia Newton-John and Bonnie Tyler.

James House roared up the country charts, himself, with 1995’s “This Is Me Missing You.” That same record was revived as a hit in England in 2013. With “This Is Me” reaching #1 and two other tracks from the album “Little By Little” and “ A Real Good Way to Wind up Lonesome” both reaching the Top 10 of the UK Country Dance Chart in 2014. In March of 2015 James released a new CD Songwriters Serenade.

James will be working with the class all three days, inspiring with stories, offering feedback on songs, and sharing songwriting tips. It’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime few days…

The workshop includes:

  • Finding the power in the center of your writer’s voice
  • “Full Presence” Vocal & Performance Techniques
  • Tools & Exercises to unlock creativity and learn to flicker between left and right brain
  • Surprise Guest Speakers & Musical events
  • Song Critiques & sharpening skills
  • One-on-One sessions with Beth

In addition to the intensive days of songwriting, you’ll enjoy a surprise once-in-a-lifetime private concert, a closing night group dinner, surprise guest songwriting friends of Beth’s who will join us and inspire you, song circles in the evenings where everyone can share songs, and an opening night dinner at a Nashville home with a meal cooked by Beth!

If you have any specific questions, please email Lydia Hutchinson

Limited to 20 Students


LIMIT: 20 Students

COST: $995 per student. This includes three days of workshops (Thursday/Friday/Saturday), one-on-one time with your song and a teacher, breakfast each morning, a surprise evening of music, opening night dinner cooked by Beth in a Nashville home, and a closing night group dinner. (Lunch and dinners that aren’t covered can be found at restaurants in walking distance.)

TEACHERS: In addition to Beth Nielsen Chapman, we have a couple of Beth’s songwriting friends as surprise guest speakers as well as a guest facilitator who will be with us each day.

WHERE: The beautiful Scarritt Bennett campus that’s nestled in between Vanderbilt and Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee.

LODGING: Scarritt Bennett has rooms available on the campus on a first-come, first-served basis. These are single rooms that share a bathroom with the adjoining room. The cost is $50 per night plus tax, and you can book these yourself by calling 866-420-5486, Emailing Reservations, or visiting their Website. We suggest you reserve a room as soon as you are confirmed for this workshop, as they fill up quickly!

TRANSPORTATION TO SCARRITT BENNETT: Shuttle Service to and from the Nashville Airport can be booked through InShuttle for $11 each way.

REFUND POLICY: If you cancel by Jan.1, 2016, there will be a $200 cancellation fee. After Jan. 1, 2016 there is no guaranteed refund unless we fill the spot (we will have a cancellation list). If the spot is filled by Feb. 1, 2016, then you’ll still receive your $795 refund. If you cancel after Feb. 1, 2016 there are no refunds.

This Workshop is Filled.

Please email Lydia Hutchinson if you’d like to be added to the cancellation list.

About Beth Nielsen Chapman:

A renowned writer of many hits for other artists as well as herself (including “This Kiss” for Faith Hill, “Nothin’ I Can Do About It Now” for Willie Nelson, “Strong Enough to Bend” for Tanya Tucker, “The Color of Roses” for Bette Midler, and “Here We Are” for Alabama), Beth Nielsen Chapman is in demand as a songwriting teacher and creative coach, having taught at such schools as the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama, the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and Berklee School of Music in Boston, and numerous festivals and venues internationally.

Beth presents her unique and inspiring style of teaching in much the same way she approaches writing itself. For any writer in need of a boost of creative energy, this journey into the workings of the creative flow will cover some great tips and advice on how to step fully into your center and find your voice, in writing and singing as well as keeping your balance in the performance of your songs.

She begins each class by bringing everyone into a full appreciation of the never-changing-ever-present “Creative Spirit,” sharing great tips on how to “cultivate, trust, and learn to follow the clues brought forth by that powerful yet effortless source that tosses the most brilliant stuff up onto the shores of our psyche.”

“We are all like gardeners here. From the place of ‘thinking’ we can only prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water the seeds and pull the weeds—even rearrange the rocks and plants by seeking inspiration in the work of others, study hard, practice, edit and restructure. But we cannot claim ownership of the power or force that actually causes a seed to crack open and push through to the light, we can take no more credit for what is brilliant in our song, poem or painting than we can for making the flower that grows in our garden. Still, as creative vessels we can experience that miracle come right through us as we learn to open a space for it to enter.”

The miracle of creative flow comes from the same source no matter what’s growing. The great song, like the flower, is a divine expression of creativity. In the beginning of the process it’s better to keep the brain out of the way and allow the heart and soul, the subconscious wells of creativity, to flow and stumble along without “knowing”. Drifting into the “unknown” is the essence of creative unfolding. There’s plenty of time to fine tune and polish the work to perfection.

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