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Letters From Lydia

A Collection of Stories by Lydia Hutchinson

Nearly two dozen personal and inspiring essays, including an introduction that looks back over the life of Performing Songwriter magazine, and an afterword detailing the process of letting go and crossing the scary bridge of change. Included are:

Introduction: Laying It Down
In Response to 9/11: The Healing Power of Music
Sweet Baby James
Dancing in the Kitchen
Endless Possibilities
The Live Music Experience
When the Saints Go Marching In
Home For the Holidays
A Boomer’s Lament: The Devaluation of Music
Tending the Fire
Letting the Bluebird Fly
In Tribute: Dan Fogelberg
I’ll Meet You On the Radio
Age … or Attitude?
Keep On Moving It On
The Season of Hope
The Heart of the Matter
Risk-Free Riches
Unanswered Prayers
Endings, Beginnings and Gratitude
Afterword: Fireflies, Italy and Letting Go

Listen to Sample Audio Track:

“Sweet Baby James”

Printed Book and CDs:

Book & Audio Book Set

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Hardback Gift-Sized Book

112 Pages, 5.25″ x 8″

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Audio Book

2 CDs, Over 2 Hours Playing Time

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Digital Formats of Letters From Lydia

(You’ll receive an email receipt from Performing Songwriter after checkout, with the download link at the bottom. After download, just sync your device to your computer and move your files over!)

MP3 Audio Book (160.5 MB Download)

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Hi-res PDF

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For iPad/iPhone

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For Kindle

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For Kindle DX

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(If anyone would like it in another e-reader format, email Lydia directly and she’ll take care of it for you!)

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