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Bonnie Raitt

| March 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

“If  what I do with my music—and my passion for so many different kinds of music and songwriters and musicians—if that inspires people to listen to Sippie Wallace and appreciate the blues, or appreciate Richard Thompson or Paul Brady or John Prine or Jackson Browne, that would be so great. If I could have inspired people to open up and broaden their tastes as I have had my tastes broadened to a more eclectic appreciation of music—I’ve been incredibly curious and excited and passionate about finding something new that blows me away—then I would like to think that I had awakened that appetite for curiosity in other people.”

Performing Songwriter Issue 88
September/October 2005

Category: In Their Own Words

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  1. sharon gerber says:

    So happy to read your info here! I’m glad I got to see you play several times in Austin…even at the laidback Austin Opry House. Its great to hear about your time spent with the excellent blues artists! I miss old Antones days…& Clifford & all. We’ll be out to catch your shows somewhere! You are a true classic~ hope your life remains HAPPY & stress-free! God Bless!

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