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Butch Vig

| January 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

When something rocks, it’s because of the way it feels. It’s not necessarily because of the guitar sound. I have noticed—and I’m sometimes guilty as charged—that Pro Tools has made the process of recording bands much easier. You can take bands that aren’t particularly good and make them sound super-slick. And there’s nothing wrong with that if the song comes across and connects with an audience. But sometimes it gets too slick, too glossy and too perfect. They don’t have a vibe, and that’s something missing in a lot of music. Look at old Stones records—they’re really loose, but man, do they feel good. Or even the Clash—those records have an amazing energy and vibe. Young bands should be listening to records like that.

From Performing Songwriter Issue 103, July/Aug 2007

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