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Chuck D.

| April 25, 2011 | 0 Comments

My news source for songwriter is everything. It has to be. It’s not just anything—it’s everything. I can’t ignore what people are saying in the world or in the streets. I hate that term now, “the streets,” because it’s so commercial. You have to use the world. Your head has to be open. I was just in Taiwan and I was picking up perspectives from people over there as well as looking in the newspaper for ideas. Perspective is always important for songwriters, too. You have to have the perspective of who you are talking to and have a perspective of who is talking to you and you’ve got to stitch it together. Then you have to have historical perspective. That means a lot if you’re trying to take something on and make it pertinent for the future.

From Performing Songwriter Issue 89, November 2005

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