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Earth, Wind & Fire

| March 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

Verdine White: “What’s changed about our audience is that there are three different generations talking about Earth, Wind & Fire in three different ways. The older ones remember when they first started with us, they still hope we’re good, they hope we’re not as old as them. The middle audience comes to see us because they like the precision of the group and the younger ones have just discovered us. ‘Mom, Dad, have you heard of this band Earth, Wind & Fire? I just got their first record, Pure Gold.’ Then the father whips out his old records and says, ‘Yeah, but have you heard Spirit? Have you heard this song?’ That’s what goes on with us. One of the things about us is that we’re not just about music, we’re part of American culture right now. We’re part of that thing that goes on in America.

From Performing Songwriter Issue 90, December 2005

Also, interviews with Maurice White, Verdine White and Philip Bailey, Issue 28 Jan/Feb 1998

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