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The New iPic Stylus

| October 26, 2011 | 1 Comment

I love it when someone invents something I ended up needing—even before I knew I needed it. Such is the case of the new iPic Stylus from Woodees—it solves all the problems of texting or typing on my iPhone with a guitar pick that’s easy to hold and fits in my pocket. Brilliant!

The iPic is chrome plated, rubber tipped and 1.5 millimeters thick, so it’s the ideal shape and size to use for messaging, navigating, gaming or strumming virtual guitar apps. It’s such an improvement over a skinny little pen-shaped stylus that was never comfortable to hold or carry.

Available in white or black, the iPic is the perfect gift or gadget for any music lover, and when you order through Performing Songwriter there’s also free shipping!

List Price:$19.99

Performing Songwriter Price:$14.99 (+ FREE Shipping within the U.S.!)

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  1. Love Petty’s style…Happy Birthday. I remember driving over from Lakeland, FL to the Back Door in Orlando (early 70’s) and seeing him play I think they were Mudcrunch then…a friend of ours was his bass player…we called him Pigpen and can’t remember his real name now!

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