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Finding Your Voice in the Studio With Jonatha Brooke

September 5-7, 2019 • Ocean Way Studio, Nashville, TN

Limited to 15 Students

This workshop is filled.

If you’d like to be added to the cancellation list, please email Lydia Hutchinson

Preparing to go into a recording studio can be as daunting as it is exciting. It involves everything from arranging and editing your song, choosing your equipment, and collaborating with an engineer, to dealing with the psychological aspects of getting your performance down.

During Jonatha Brooke’s studio workshop, she will spend three days with a small group at Nashville’s renowned Ocean Way Studio on Music Row, helping you not only get ready to record your songs, but also to find your unique sound.

A Few Things You’ll Work On With Jonatha:

  • Finding the right microphone for your voice
  • Working with vocal proximity for different effects
  • Getting the best sound out of your guitar or accompaniment
  • Headphone technique
  • Tackling the psychological aspects of getting your best performance
  • Learning to communicate with the engineer to make the most of your song
  • Sweetening the recording with simple arrangements, background vocals, and studio effects
  • Recording one of your songs, arranged by Jonatha, that you’ll be able to take with you

In addition to three days of fun in the studio, you’ll enjoy an opening night dinner together on Wednesday Sept. 4, and a closing dinner together in the studio. And with Jonatha, you never know what kind of spontaneous fun and musical magic might bubble up…

So grab one of the spots and join Jonatha and friends in the big creative sandbox of the studio!

If you have any specific questions, please email Lydia Hutchinson

LIMIT: 15 Students

COST: $1,495 per student. This includes three days of workshops (Thursday/Friday/Saturday), a Wednesday evening gathering and dinner with Jonatha to kick things off and meet each other, lunch each afternoon in the studio, and a closing dinner in the studio Saturday evening.

TEACHERS: In addition to Jonatha Brooke, there will be guest musicians who will join us in the studio to add to your recording.

LODGING: Scarritt Bennett is walking distance from Ocean Way Studio and has rooms available on the campus on a first-come, first-served basis. These are single rooms that share a bathroom with the adjoining room. The cost is around $80 per night plus tax, and you can book these yourself by calling 866-420-5486, Emailing Reservations, or visiting their Website. But book early because they fill up fast! If you’d rather stay at a hotel, these are within walking distance to Scarritt Bennett Campus: Embassy Suites, Best Western Music Row, Hilton Home2 Suites, and Hampton Inn. And if you want to check out available AirBnB’s, look for places in Nashville near Music Row / Vanderbilt / Belmont. (

REFUND POLICY: YOUR DEPOSIT OF $495 will secure one of the 15 spots. You’ll be invoiced for the remaining $1000 on July 1 that will be due no later than July 15 to keep your spot and not lose $295 of your deposit. If you are fully paid and cancel by Aug. 1, 2019 you’ll be refunded $1,200. After Aug. 1 there is no guaranteed refund unless we fill the spot (we will have a cancellation list). If the spot is filled by August 15, then you’ll still receive your $1,200 refund. If you cancel after August 15 there are no refunds.

Please E-Mail Lydia if you have any questions.

About Jonatha Brooke:

For more than two decades Jonatha Brooke has created shining musical gems—brilliant combinations of poetic lyrics, complex harmonies and memorable melodies—that have earned her legions of devoted fans and journalistic raves as a highly respected artist.

With nine solo releases (and two from her duo The Story) to her credit, her most recent endeavor was writing and performing the one-woman musical My Mother Has Four Noses. The critically acclaimed project—which ran in NYC at The Duke on 42nd Street—documents the poignant journey of caring for her mother, who was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s-induced dementia, during the last two years of her life.

Another notable project was 2008’s The Works, a collection of songs written after being invited into Woody Guthrie’s archives by his daughter. Jonatha combed through previously unseen lyrics of Woody’s, edited, pared, ared set them to her own new music, creating a stunning collection of songs.

Currently Jonatha, who lives in Minneapolis, is touring her most recent EP Imposter, working on three plays, and plans on performing more dates of Noses in various cities.

Testimonials of Jonatha Brooke’s Workshops:

Jonatha is an amazing teacher, presence, guide, giver of great spirit. She makes every project her passion, encouraging you to become your best. The level of love in the studio is overwhelming, and so much of that is due to Jonatha. She’s the best!
Stephen Hinerman, Pleasanton, CA

JB is the best! The combination of talent and kindness, passion and humor. I’m not only a fan, I’m a follower and a believer in how she can transform her students into artists who can achieve way more than they ever dreamed!
Chris Wood, Athens, GA

Jonatha is not only a genius singer-songwriter, but a generous human being. Her willingness to share her strength and vulnerability, her humor and insight, her crazy-creative skill and the courage it demands encouraged our own creative processes far more than I could have imagined. She genuinely enjoyed her time with us, which made us all feel worthwhile. She gave honest and powerful feedback as well as inspiring confidence. It was one of the best events I have ever attended!
Lisa Keane, El Dorado Hills, CA

Jonatha’s emotion and conviction to songwriting and teaching is truly genius. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to experience her sharing of a portion of her craft during this three-day event!
Tony Lang, Broadview, OH

Jonatha is a gem! An energetic, funny and compassionate songwriter/performer. As a teacher, with sincerity she brought out the best work in everyone. She left us all feeling inspired and appreciated!
Karen Barr, Berwyn, IL

Jonatha is an amazing teacher who allows her students to playfully explore their music. She’s great at getting people out of their boxes and musical ruts. She makes trying new things and ideas fun and never makes her students fear playing around with any element of songwriting. She embraces her own vulnerability, and that allows everyone participating in her classes to embrace their own. I highly recommend her workshop!
Kate Auringer, Denton, TX

Jonatha Brooke’s songwriting workshop was such an amazing experience. I came away with my heart full, my channels open and my ideas overflowing.
Mike Pilgermayer, Kunkletown, PA

Jonatha’s workshop was such a positive boost to my attempts at songwriting. Her generous and caring spirit provided an atmosphere of loving acceptance and encouragement. It was a MAGICAL time! I carried the enchantment home with me.
Kathryn Feigal, Salt Lake City, UT

I thoroughly enjoyed Jonatha Brooke’s songwriting course. She is energy and enthusiasm personified. I learned a great deal from her teaching, and was inspired by her open, personable, and thoughtful approach to songwriting. I loved her use of humor and her willingness to share so much in her teaching. Jonatha took her time to give individuals personal attention, and her warmth united the group to create a truly memorable workshop.
Linda Stollings, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

There are teachers that make you feel like you’re just a student and they’re just a teacher, and that’s where it ends. But Jonatha was not only an incredible teacher, she was immediately open, giving and right in the trenches with us. She was so incredibly generous with her energy, knowledge, talent and support. Her willingness to be wide-open and vulnerable as a teacher allowed me to feel immediately comfortable and safe with her. Songwriting is such a personal experience and Jonatha creates a non-judgmental, accepting and playful atmosphere that allows her students to take risks and explore and learn. Jonatha is honest with her feedback and she has a wonderful ability to meet each student where they are and help them find their own unique voice. She is genuinely invested in each and every student’s growth. Jonatha is a brilliant artist, a generous teacher and a beautiful soul, and learning from her was a truly life changing experience.
April Stewart, Woodland Hills, CA

Jonatha is as beautiful and giving as a person and instructor as she is beautiful and talented as a performer — and that’s saying a lot. I had to catch myself transitioning between a fan and a student, but I was in awe as both! What a talent! And how lucky we were to have access to her creativity during the workshop. I am forever grateful. Jonatha absolutely rocks!
Chris Wood, Athens, GA

What a delight to be under the tutelage of such a professional. Jonatha has a heart as big as New York and I felt it every hour every minute. Besides her phenomenal gifts as a writer, singer, and guitarist, the depths of her personality and willingness to share the hidden secrets of her life will go a long way in making a difference in the way I approach my work.
Jimmy Abegg, Nashville, TN

Jonatha is such an incredible talent as a singer, writer, AND musician, yet she’s so genuine, relatable, and generous. She definitely changed my perspective in a good way and left me with perpetual gifts of inspiration.
Stephanie Sammons, Dallas, TX

Jonatha Brooke is a seasoned artist who has sung as a vocal duo, with bands, solo work, and musical theater. She is ever-evolving as an artist and is an inspiration to those who love and know her work. She is an amazing teacher. She gives of herself freely and listens to her students. I have been a fan of hers for over 20 years. It was a gift and an honor to sit at her feet and to gain from her wisdom and insight. And she is super fun.
Aisha Brooks-Lytle

Jonatha is an outstanding teacher. Not everyone who is gifted can translate information well for others to learn. Jonatha has a clear understanding of what writers need to know, how to teach those concepts, demonstrate them, and lead participants to accomplishing them. Jonatha has a huge heart and allows herself to be one of the group which makes her one that others can relate to and enjoy.
Linda Lester

Jonatha is a natural teacher. Her honesty and insight helped me learn so much about songwriting in just a few days. She was always present, listening carefully to questions we had and songs we sang, always offering useful, positive feedback. One thing I noticed and loved was her ability to teach a concept, then play a song to illustrate that concept, giving the song the same energy and attention she does in a concert setting. Learning from her was a rare treat and unforgettable.
Karen Mitchill, Waterford, CT

Once I saw that Jonatha Brooke was leading one of Lydia Hutchinson’s PSC Workshops my only answer was “yes!” and it was beyond any expectation or want I could have had for the experience. As a teacher, Jonatha gave to the class a rare look into the process of a songwriter’s path thru ideas, lyrics, music, rhythm, inspiration and collaboration. She deepened the learning by taking the group into exercises that became useful tools to be used in each one’s own crafting process. She genuinely wants each person in the group to find that moment or salient piece of the experience that can be held as a touchstone to be reminded of each one’s own unique voice and contribution. And throughout the entire experience, she was fiercely present, deeply committed to seeing each person be seen and heard, acknowledged and encouraged. Jonatha gave who she was in those three days to her class and I am forever grateful.
Alison Seligson, Marina Del Rey, CA

Jonatha is the REAL DEAL. Not only a musical inspiration but an awesome human being and incredibly present and tuned-in teacher. She was so generous in sharing her methods for getting in touch with the Muse. Thanks for the new avenues into songwriting and for taking such thoughtful care with our work.
Lisa Couto, Riverside, RI

Jonatha’s workshop gave me an opportunity to explore new songwriting tools, use them immediately through breakout sessions, get immediate feedback exploring those tools and start to find new spaces between the words of my songs. The workshop gave me an opportunity to find my authentic voice and start to use it immediately. Even though I only spent three days with Jonatha and my fellow songwriters, it felt like we’d known each other for years. And I’ll just add that each day Jonatha found a way to touch, move and inspire me over and over again. The experience is one I’ll never forget and cherish forever.
Jennifer Vasquez, Bronx, NY

Jonatha Brooke is immaculate as a song writer, musician, performer and teacher. She does not dally with contrived idioms. She speaks in terms of concrete experience and proven results . . . And demonstrates her command of the subject live and in person. She shares her spirit generously and nurtures nascent song writers at all levels.
Drew Weinbrenner, Orlando, FL

I’ve looked up to Jonatha and respected her gifts for years. She was generously pouring heart and soul into making each one of us rise to a whole new level of personal creativity! I feel so blessed to have had this experience!
—Ami Shroyer, High Point, NC

Very few musicians manage to bridge the distance between artistry & mentorship. Jonatha is that rare gem, able to beautifully convey through her experience a sincere, passionate desire toward your growth & artistic purpose. An artist can inspire through their work & Jonatha has certainly been a musical inspiration to me, for more than 20 years. Now, having spent time under her tutelage, I can honestly say I have found a friend, an advocate and a teacher I can greatly admire & respect.
—Jeff Gibson, Navarre, FL

Jonatha is such a real transparent and accessible artist. She opened her life up as her main teaching tool and I’ve never felt so inspired as a creator!
—Shelby Rollins, Nashville, TN

Jonatha’s insight on being a songwriter, an artist, a creative being, is profound. She is a true gem in the music world. She is the very reason I picked up a guitar, and my life changed forever. Thank you Jonatha!
—Sinem Saniye, New York, NY

Learning and witnessing the process of songwriting from someone as talented, warm and entertaining as Jonatha is truly inspiring. Her passion for words and melody is so evident and contagious; one leaves her classes with invaluable tools and encouragement, eager to apply the lessons learned from her to their own songwriting.
—Margie Doherty, Dunellen, NJ

Jonatha is inspiring, funny, smart and remarkably talented. There was so much valuable information shared. It might take a little while to have it all sink in, but I am excited to continue writing while incorporating these tools.
—Dave Lombardi, Roselle, IL

I’m such a fan of Jonatha’s music, that I was a little nervous I would be overly intimidated– But not AT ALL. Jonatha was very open and shared her passion for songwriting with us. So inspiring.
—Kerri Arista, Dallas, TX

Jonatha shared her powerful presence with us; one that comes from the love of making musical stories ring true for her audience. Her sensitivity in listening to others is profound and appreciated. Thank you, Jonatha, for sharing so many incredible stories from your life experiences, especially with your mother. Thank you, thank you!
—Richard Weil, Takoma Park, MD

Jonatha is one of the most gifted teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is smart, insightful and emotionally present. And, she is so creative! She seems able to find structure and develop songs in ways that are original, true to the writer’s intention, and not formulaic at all. The best!
—Ellen Randall, Princeton, NJ

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