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Loretta Lynn

| February 8, 2011 | 0 Comments

I never thought I could sing. Doo would come in from working and catch me rocking my babies to sleep. And I would be singing, “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas …” (laughs). That was the only song that I could sing to them that would make them go to sleep. He came in one night and said, “Loretta, I’ve got an idea.” I thought, “Oh, Lord.” He said, “I’m going to go down the road to this little club and get you a job singing.” I said, “Doo, I can’t sing.” He said, “Yes, you can. I’ve been listening to the radio, and all these other singers that I hear can’t sing no better than you.” And he said, “After about two years on the road, we can buy us a home and settle down and we won’t ever have to worry about it anymore.” Well, my goodness, after two years, I was still having a hard time frying a hamburger (laughs).

Performing Songwriter Issue 82
December 2004

Category: In Their Own Words

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