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Lyle Lovett

| February 16, 2011 | 1 Comment

“There’s a feeling when I’m on to an idea and making something up that’s almost a momentum that carries me and I find pushes me into the next verse. It’s not really a matter of doing an outline. And you know in school we were always taught to do an outline, and I never did that.  I’d always make up my outline after I finished whatever it was that I was writing. And that’s the fun of writing and making something up—kind of getting inside of it and letting it carry you through.”

From Performing Songwriter Issue 34
December 1998

Category: In Their Own Words

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  1. Louis Gebbia says:


    I have written lyrics for a song I call “Painted Sky”. I am seeking someone who will take the lyrics and create the music. Also someone who will market the song after completion.

    Could you help with this project?

    Thanks for your consideration.


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