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Mary Chapin Carpenter

| February 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Patience is definitely a virtue for writers.  I think if you really do what we’ve been talking about — to try to keep your eyes open — then something will hit you without you even realizing it. While you’re flipping through the paper…or having a conversation with someone and they say something a certain way and it stays with you…or looking at a particular face of a stranger as you’re walking down the street.  All of the sudden something will connect. It’s like the dots will be connected and you will have the inkling of an idea to write about and be ready for it when it comes.  Those are the things that I try to remember when I feel kind of shut down as a writer.  And also what we were talking about before, where when you least expect it you’ll hear somebody play something or you’ll hear a song, and for that moment it’s a very enriching kind of thing. And it kind of gives you this faith that maybe not today or tomorrow — it’s the Casablance syndrome — but someday you’ll write another song, and when you do you’ll feel good. And until that time, don’t beat yourself up about it.

From Performing Songwriter Issue 9, Nov/Dec 1994

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