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Door Number Three

| January 16, 2013 | 0 Comments

Lydia_Blue_LetterWhen I was I kid, one of my favorite game shows was Let’s Make A Deal. On it the high-stakes host, Monty Hall, would choose members of the zanily dressed studio audience to make deals. Some were smaller offers, where an audience member could choose between little mystery boxes on a tray that Jay—Monty’s sidekick—brought out. But the big, dizzying decisions came at the end of the show when the winning contestant with the highest-value prize could trade it for the unknown behind door number one, two or three.

If they chose the right door, there was the immediate gratification of balloons, confetti and celebratory music. If they chose the wrong door they received the immediate remorse of a “zonk” … the sad, honking horn reserved for losers. And then to add to the despair, we were all shown what might have been had the correct door been chosen.

Ah, life.

I, like most of us I’m sure, have always had a tendency to wonder what might have been had I chosen a different door as I set off down my life’s path. Not in any regret-filled way, but more with a sense of curiosity. In doing that, it has always led to my looping back in order to move forward; to re-examine pieces I might have passed up, thinking they’re what’s in my future instead of accepting that they’re in my past. And let me just say, it’s awfully hard to move forward when one’s head is pointed in the other direction.

Over the past few years I’ve actually had a chance to peek behind those doors I didn’t pick, just to take a gander at what might have been. And in all cases, I’m happy to report they were filled with the gifts of unanswered prayers; things I wanted but didn’t need. Things that would have kept me from walking through what I realize has been the right door all along. I just didn’t get the confetti and balloons—much less the big zonk—to let me know.

So as I enter 2013 I’ve made a promise to myself to simply face forward. To bump along my path with the full faith that I chose the right door for my life, and that everything to come lies in front of me … it’s not lost somewhere along the sidelines of my past.

I hope everyone is doing well and embracing the path you’re on in this new year. I’ll send up a balloon and throw a little confetti to celebrate us all moving forward.


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