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Just Enough

| April 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

Lydia_Blue_LetterIn my roly-poly adolescent days of elementary and junior high school, I was the big buttercup who would stand in the cafeteria line and announce, “I call what you don’t want!” Then, after making my way through the serving line, I would lighten the load of my classmates’ trays. Whether it was sad-looking pigs-in-a-blanket or extremely questionable meatloaf, I wasn’t picky. I was president of the Clean-Your-Plate club with designs on ruling the Clean-Everyone-Else’s-Plate kingdom.

This, of course, sheds light on why I now run screaming from buffets of all genres—be it food, music, sale racks, Big Gulps or endless buckets of movie popcorn. I just can’t handle it.

The good news is I now see the beauty of having “Just Enough.” Whether it’s the food on my plate, clothes in my closet, or money in the bank. Too much comes with great discomfort, weightiness and overwhelming responsibility. Too little comes with pains of longing, insatiable desire and an anvil on one’s chest. But landing on the square of Just Enough helps us sleep well, feel healthy and happy, and live with a more satisfied mind and uncluttered path forward.

I’m finally learning where the sweet spot lies for me. That space where I know the difference between wants and needs, and value time and relationships above all else. It been one of the greatest gift of the past four years since folding the magazine to have had the time to stumble forward, surrender what didn’t serve me well, and simplify.

And I love it here, in this space that feels like a perfect fit. Because it turns out that just enough is more than enough.

Happy Spring, everyone!


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