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Stevie Nicks

| January 14, 2011 | 1 Comment

I think, for me—because I haven’t been in a horrible marriage and I don’t have delinquent children that I’m trying to get through college—I haven’t had a lot of those bad experiences that really twist people’s minds. That’s when you stop writing about love, and you stop writing about the possibility of love, and when you stop writing about the possibility of love, you are no longer relevant. I don’t really care if I get married at this point, I’m quite happy by myself, but I do live in the realm of romantic possibility. Mr. Right. It’s possible that he’s around the corner—that he could he just be driving up the street and I could have a flat tire and there he is (laughs). That allows me to write with hope.

From Performing Songwriter Issue #69
May 2003

Category: In Their Own Words

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  1. If I was only that lucky to have Stevie run in to me and a spark would ignight an actual connection that would turn into some thing magical to have her company for my finall years.

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