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Walt Wilkins: Plenty

| July 31, 2012 | 2 Comments

A few years ago I returned from a decade in Nashville to my home in the Texas Hill Country. It’s an area of limestone cliffs overlooking modest mesquite and juniper trees, along with majestic, matronly live oaks. There’s a dozen meandering blue-green rivers, with great bald cypress and cottonwood trees on their banks, and barbecue, and Mexican, German & southern soul food … and music, music everywhere.

Anchored by two great music cities, Austin & San Antonio, the music here is a free mix of jukebox country & soul, blues, Tejano, Storyteller folk, and cowboy songs. The folks here, like the music, are unpretentious, generous, open, and occasionally wild as all hell … and fun, always fun.

This record was made in a spirit of gratefulness for having grown up here, and having come home. These are some of my favorite songs from the last couple of sessions, played with friends who are like family.

—Walt Wilkins

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  1. walt wilkins is a gentle soul who graces us with his writing and singing . walt is one of the most prolific writers to ever come out of the lone star state .
    Austin music at it’s finest .
    walt’s background in divinity is the core of the spirituality that shines through his songs… like a diamond in the sun !

  2. John Carmack says:

    Love the piece on Walt! By far one of my favorite singer/songwriters!
    Walt has such a knack to take a simple melody and chord progression and make it into a work of art! Thanks Lydia and everyone at Performing Songwriter for featuring one of America’s greatest treasures. Go get them Walt!!!

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