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Custom Website Design

Artists, bands and music business entrepreneurs rejoice! It’s now possible for you to be completely empowered where your website is concerned. Gone is the need for expensive web design and coding; gone are the confusing platforms that you have to hire others to manage; and gone is the feeling of being completely at the mercy of tech-savvy youngsters to simply make updates.

Based on the WordPress framework, Performing Songwriter’s Lydia Hutchinson customizes websites around your current needs and future goals, and will then teach you how to manage it yourself. And once you know what’s involved and how simple (and fun) it can be, you can make better decisions if you do decide to hire someone to manage it.

Lydia builds each site personally, and is able to use her 20+ years as an small business owner working with press, musicians and the music business to know exactly what’s needed.

Some options Lydia can set up for you include:

E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS: Sell products, CDs, and services directly on your site, with multiple onsite checkout options or routing through Paypal.

DIGITAL DOWNLOADS: There is no reason to send your fans away from your site to a third party to sell downloads. We can easily set up your website to sell downloadable music, e-books, articles, images and more directly from your site and pocket the 30% taken from online distributors like Amazon and iTunes. Plus you’ll have the buyers’ contact info for future marketing purposes, which is something you lose when selling through other outlets.

PASSWORD PROTECTED MEDIA ASSETS: Password protected areas can be set up for your press needs, where media can log in to listen to your entire CD, download images for publication, access posters for your gigs, and anything else you can think of.

MEMBER-ONLY AREAS: If you’re a membership organization or have content available to select groups, there are great solutions with lots of bells and whistles.

FORUMS: These are easily set up and managed, and are a great way to develop a community as well as brand yourself as an authority.

SLIDESHOWS & PORTFOLIOS: Show off your work in style, with automatic slideshows, sliders, lightboxes and more.

AUDIO & VIDEO: Whether you’re thinking about streaming songs in a pop-up player or posting original videos, there are solutions to match your exact needs.

FORMS, POLLS & SURVEYS: There are limitless ideas here to engage your fans and gather information.

BLOGGING: The best way to rise in search engine ranks and set yourself up as an authority is to blog, and it doesn’t have to take up all your time. Just set a strategy, post a couple of times a week, and tie it into your social media outlets. Your posts can even be scheduled to post at certain dates and times, and it’s a sure-fire way to build your brand.

ADVERTISING: Whether you want to generate some revenue from your site or provide space for sponsors, advertising areas can be set up with tracking, linking and auto expiring capabilities.

In addition, we will link your social media outlets to your website, give you tips on how to optimize your posts and pages for best search engines results, set up a great SEO plugin as well as back-end coding to keep your site running smoothly, connect your site to analytics so you can monitor traffic, and teach you how to manage it all yourself.

CONTACT LYDIA to find out more and see if she can help get your most vital calling card, promoter and backbone of your communications system up and running.