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Bono’s Defining Moment at Live Aid, July 13, 1985

| July 13, 2017 | 3 Comments

Over the last three decades the world has become accustomed to the dramatic onstage flair of U2 frontman Bono, who masterfully understands the emotional heft that can be communicated by just the right gesture. That was the case on July 13, 1985 when the group took the stage of Wembley Stadium in London for the African poverty fundraiser Live Aid.

Toward the end of U2’s set, Bono spotted 15-year-old audience member Kal Khalique being crushed against the security barrier and leaped into action. He stepped down from the stage, pulled her out of the crowd and slow-danced with her tenderly as the band kept playing. Beamed to a worldwide audience, the dance embodied the spirit of the event in a subtle but powerful way—one person reaching out to acknowledge the humanity of the other.

By Chris Neal

Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images

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  1. Bernardo Junco says:

    I was a witness to this performance. At 17 years old in Wembley Satadium watching the greatest show on earth. Standing in the first row wearing a green florecent shirt so my friends back home in Miami, Florida can see I made it !!!

  2. Andy Warstar says:

    That was awesome, Bono. It was almost as cool as that one time I jumped off the stage and smashed a T.V. screen that WARSTARS brought to our show. Hey, I am reading your book “Bono On Bono”. Really Neat! What do you say you and me save the world? No? Just me? O.K. Sounds good. Well, be sure to visit my blog for over 150 albums of original FREE diy punk and folk music! Enjoy & Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Stan Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing another amazing moment

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