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Little Black Sheep: A Memoir by Ashley Cleveland

| September 27, 2013 | 0 Comments


Little-Black-SheepAshley Cleveland is an admittedly broken person. At an early age, the rickety foundation of a ruptured family, disconnection and shame sent her careening down a dark road paved with self-destruction. Hers has been a journey where alcoholism, drugs, an unplanned pregnancy, single motherhood, and an ever-present longing to fit in and know love were her disheveled travel companions.

And it is from this broken place that Grammy-award winning Cleveland—armed with her mighty voice and a living, growing and ultimately nourishing faith—has written a beautiful and inspiring story of hope.

With a narrative style that is funny, poignant and disarmingly honest, Ashley rolls out the story of her life with skill and accessibility. It offers a clear window into a life of addiction, helping those on the outside better understand the struggles while offering hope and inspiration to those fighting the battle.

The most moving aspect of Little Black Sheep, however, is the overwhelming compassion with which it was written. There is no sense of victimization or blame. There is no betrayal of confidence. And, like a perfect song, there are no wasted words.

Thank you for the gift of your story, Ashley. Simply put … Wow.

Read the First Chapter of Little Black Sheep: Seven Arts & Sorrow

Support Independent Bookstores and order your copy from Nashville’s Parnassus Books. Or stop by and pick up a signed edition!

Visit Ashley’s website:

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